Online Montessori Diploma

Child-Centered Montessori Training Course is based on 12 modules. An eight months course makes you confident & successful. You get a job guarantee, as well !

Why choose CMT?

CMT is the best Diploma with the latest teaching methodologies and complete guidance. Become an amazing Montessori directress with CMT courses. Moreover, you can access it anywhere, anytime, and submit your assignments online. You get password-protected learning portals with lectures, assignments, and resources. For pricing and details, contact us now!!

  • lectures by experienced trainers
  • assignments
  • online help
  • lots of practical activities
  • chat service
  • resources
  • handouts


All 12 courses are carefully selected to give you the best Montessori Diploma. Each course then further has lots of various and detailed elements. Each of our experienced trainers conducts lectures for each class. Practice makes you perfect; hence, there are assignments at the end of each lecture.

  • Child Centered Education
  • Epl and sensorial Exercise
  • Children Health
  • Stage Of Handwritting (English)
  • Stage Of Handwritting (urdu)
  • Learning Environment
  • English Language Development
  • English Phonics
  • Urdu Phonics
  • Conceptual Learning
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Classroom Managment

Short courses

CMT diploma consists of 12 modules. However, depending on your learning needs or existing knowledge, you can select these modules. By selecting individual modules, you can design your short course of CMT. Moreover, CMT also offers short courses made of essential information from some modules. This is to help you learn the most important skills in the shortest possible time.


How to use it?

Getting Montessori Diploma from CMT is easy. First, call the number on the website. Our helpful female staff will guide you through the registration process. Next, submit the fee online or through easypaisa (We accept JazzCash as well). You will receive a password exclusively generated for you. Start your diploma studies by logging into the CMT website.

Finally, start submitting your assignments at your convenience and become an internationally recognized Montessori diploma holder.




As a principal, CMT is the most important training I have done in the last ten years. This Diploma has helped me improve my school by 200%. Now I conduct all the CMT training for my staff without any outside help. In other words, CMT has saved me thousands in training costs.

Shazia Farukh, Principal at Bluebird Montessori

I have completed 10 modules of my Montessori diploma from CMT. It was very beneficial for me. I have learned a lot from here. My skills have improved now. The most important things I learned here are patience and confidence.

Yumna Khan, Teacher at Marium Education System

I am a homeschooler. I must say that CMT has helped me organize and manage my home school like a pro. Now I can teach every subject to my children. Moreover, CMT made me a good storyteller, as well as an arts and craft teacher for my kids

Aisha Sajid, Mother